Woodlot Tour and Sawmill Demonstration

Woodlot Tour and Sawmill Demonstration
Saturday September 27, 2014
Field trip to the farm and woodlots of Roger and Elaine Cook

4335 Road 110, northeast of Stratford
(see full details and map by clicking here)

Morning (9:30 a.m.)
A walk through and discussion of Roger and Elaine’s conifer plantations. Two lots of different ages and stages (34 yrs. and 20 yrs.). Featuring: initial planting spacing, species composition, tending, thinning and pruning which has been ongoing for 25 years, as well as expectations and target spacing. Also a walk through the native hardwood lot which has been heavily thinned of declining ash trees. Discussion of the feasibility of replanting a few hardwood and conifer trees to enhance species diversity with hemlock, white pine, tamarack and red oak. Also, a tree and wood I.D. quiz.

We’ll order pizza for those interested, or feel free to bring your own lunch.

Activities after lunch will include an antique circular sawmill demonstration.

Registration –Registration is not required but is appreciated. Phone Roger and Elaine Cook at (519) 271-1978 for details (or email doubleccfarm@gmail.com). Everyone is welcome.

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